Floor Repair

floor-sanding02If you have loose, out of place or dangerous floor boards, you can use our professional floor repair services. They will ensure you properly fixed and mended timbers and planks which won’t pose any risk to your property. Our technicians will nail the unsteady boards and replace the too damaged and worn-out materials with new of the same type. We can guarantee you perfectly repaired floors that will last long time, if they are properly maintained. Our use floor repair services, provided in London and other neighbouring areas to make your floor resistant and well secured.

Professional Floor Repair

Our floor repair services will ensure you:

  • Nailing of the unsteady and loose timbers
  • Securing of your floor boards
  • Removing of the too damaged beyond repair timbers and boards and replacing them with new
  • Waxing and sealing where it is necessary
  • Filling dents, cracks and gaps with reclaimed wood of the same material
  • Mending damages on the surface and in the structure of the floor

Our technicians will check the condition of your floor and take care of it. They will repair the slightly damaged floor boards and timbers and replace the too worn-out and defective ones. Our employees will use the same materials as those of your floor. They can apply wax or sealant in some areas where this is needed. We use reclaimed wood to mend floor coverings.

floor-sanding02Our floor repair is done by certified, skilled and trustworthy technicians who know the essence of their work. They will arrive for initial inspection and after estimating the materials which will be need, will come back bringing them and the necessary instruments. Our services can be used by the residents who live in London. We will repair your floor in a professional manner to make sure the problems and defects that it has won’t appear again. After checking your floor, the technicians can refit some planks and coverings, nail and glue other, mend and replace the broken and damaged ones.

The floor repair which we provide in London is done by professional technicians. They inspect the floor, find the reason for its defects and apply the necessary corrections. Our employees are supplied with the proper instruments and all kinds of reclaimed wood materials. They will repair your floor, making it steady and secured enough to be used long time. After you floor is mended, you can have it sanded and sealed.